The freelancer’s guide to saving money

The future is unpredictable. In the event of an emergency, one must have enough money not only to meet the emergency but keep one’s finances in harmony even after meeting them.

Money management for freelancers can be especially difficult given their irregular income. They have to take more efforts for saving money than a salaried person. Consequently, the way in which they save money has to be unique. Below is a simple guide for doing so:

1. Create spreadsheets

Before you set out to save money, it is important to analyze your income and expenses. Create a freelance income spreadsheet for tracking how much money you are earning per month. In the same spreadsheet, add a section for monthly expenses.

This will help you to weigh your expenses against your income and give you a better picture of your finances. Observe the spreadsheet and think about what expenses you can eliminate to save money while freelancing.

2. Segregate

If you want to save money while freelancing, keep your savings safe and undisturbed so as to keep from spending that amount towards your expenses. For doing so, maintain an account exclusively for your savings.

Decide a certain percentage to save from your income every month, say 20% and add this amount to your account. On the months you earn more than you usually do, raise this amount to about 40 %. In the long term, this amount will be huge in itself.

3. Minimize your expenses

If you decide to allocate a certain percentage of your income to savings, you will naturally be left with a lower amount to spend. It will also apply to months when you will earn lesser than usual. Hence, to save money while freelancing, it is crucial to get into a habit of minimizing your expenses.

Figure out the areas where you spend incessantly and the products/services you can do without. Cut down on these expenses and you will be surprised by how much money this simple step will save you.  Minimalism is the key.

 4. Use alternatives

Use CFL bulbs instead of the regular ones and invest in energy star appliances, they give more output with less power. Some devices are said to suck up power even when the switch is off but the device is plugged in, this phenomena is also called phantom energy load. Plug off the devices, this will utilise 6 % less power.

Many products you buy are expensive only because of their brand value while having no significant quality edge. Go for cheaper brands. In case of food, go for local, fresh produce and not exotic imported ones.

5. Invest

It is not enough just to save money while freelancing. Assign a certain percentage of your savings towards investments. This will lead to long term wealth generation.

Everyone has a different capacity of investing. One of the most doable forms of investments is deposits which require a monthly fixed amount to be paid. Add this data into your freelance income spreadsheet and make this a monthly ritual for making the most out of your savings.

6. Generate wealth

Money management for freelancers can become easier if they find additional ways to generate wealth. Sell off old, unused goods. Cut off unused subscriptions. Take cabs instead of owning a car and spending on its insurance and maintenance.

Buy products you need more at wholesale prices. Sign up for wallets and credit cards that offer discounts, cashbacks and freebies. Buy insurances only after analysing the risks or settle for a low monthly premium.

At the end of the day, it’s all about saving for the future and keeping your grounds covered.

How Can a Great Domain Help You Market Your Brand

One of the most important decisions, when starting a new website, is choosing the right domain to promote or market your brand, as it will impact your company’s success in every possible way!

The Importance of Having the Right Domain Name

Having a powerful, memorable, and unique domain name is crucial for business growth, sales, long term establishment, and credibility. Choosing a right domain name has to become a priority for any type of business that has to achieve online recognition and popularity. From social media marketing and search engine optimization or SEO, the domain is one ideal marketing tool that can your brand improve and expand on the web.

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How to Choose a Great Domain Name

When choosing a domain, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind in order to ensure a great domain name that is related to your online marketing strategy and your brand. Because of the fact that search engines are the most powerful and authoritative online marketing tools, before registering a certain domain, keep in mind how your domain choice will affect the website placement.

You may want to consider choosing a domain with a beginning letter of the alphabet such as A, B, or C. However, check the search engines and directories first before you choose a certain domain name. You may discover that the directories are already filled with similar domains. You need to analyze these things if you want to come up with a great unique domain name. This guideline will help you in selecting the right domain for your website and develop your online brand in the right direction:

  • Make it BriefA small domain name will be easy to remember. You need to keep in mind that your visitors are viewing your website in a few seconds and they won’t remember your domain if it’s long and complicated.
  • Should Have a Positive Image Your new domain name should be lively and have a positive image. The domain name is going to be a representation of your online brand, so it should be as appealing as possible.
  • Should be Unique & Powerful A domain name that reflects your brand image should be unique and powerful. After all, you are building a memorable brand! Choose a domain name that is easy to spell and write.

The process of choosing a domain name can be challenging and time-consuming. However, the right domain name can improve your market image and play a crucial role in presenting your brand. A great domain name can distinguish you from the competition and market your brand in the best light possible!

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How Valuable Are the Expired Domain Names

Expired domain names are beneficial to individuals and businesses looking to take advantage of their backlinks, existing traffic, and directory listings! Discover how valuable the expired domains are! Domains are expiring every day for a number of reasons. In many cases, the owners forget to renew the registration or simply they don’t want to use that certain domain anymore.  The expired domain names are beneficial in many ways. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: All You Need To Know Before Going For Free Domains

The Value of the Expired Domains

A great number of the expired domains have websites that have been promoted and advertised and still generate a consequential amount of traffic that can be redirected to other web pages or websites. The expired domains are extremely important to the website owners who own niche websites as it is a great way to get instant and cheap traffic. Even though some of the visitors on the site, generated from the redirected traffic may be uninterested in the content, these visitors are essential to individuals and businesses who think that a certain percentage of these visitors will buy a product or service. In other words, the expired domains are a free traffic source that can be easily converted into a profit for the website owner.

A domain with traffic history can be an excellent source of generating a passive income, especially if you enable ads to be placed on them. The expired domain names can run AdSense or another ad service of your choice. For this reason, you may want to keep in mind the domain name ratings and the number of backlinks and traffic a certain domain has.

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Going Big with Expired Domain Names

Building a website by using expired domain names is proved to be very rewarding. Much of the hard work is done as the expired domains have already received traffic and established a search engine rank. All you need to do is keep up with the good work, and continue increasing the traffic and improving the search engine rank. If you like the idea of building a website using expired domains, you still have to find a reliable hosting service to host your website. There are many cheap hosting service providers you can use. The only thing to keep in mind is the type of hosting you are going to use. There are various types of hosting, suitable for various types of websites. Consult with the web hosting provider before choosing the hosting package.

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Domain Availability: How to Find a Great Available Domain in Your Niche

Domain availability can be the first problem when it comes to establishing your web online presence! Discover how to find a great availably domain name in your niche!

Domain Availability Check

Finding an exact match domain – where the main keyword you are targeting creates a whole domain name before the domain extension is a crucial thing in getting your website ranked high in the search engines. Still, the domain availability for an exact match is not always so simple. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: Top 10 Domain Registrars that Offer the Best Services

The domain name should be short, memorable and unique. However, if you come up with a suitable domain that has already been taken, you have no other options left then to look for an alternative domain or transform the domain you first came up with.

If the exact match domain is not available – try and use prefix or suffix or insert hyphens and then check the availability again.

Domain Availability: Other Options to Consider

The domain availability becomes even more challenging when you have only one keyword in the name. Selecting a single keyword domain name with a .com, .org, or .net is difficult and in many cases impossible.

Even the two-word domain names are difficult to find, especially in the competitive market fields such as work from home or weight loss niches. In this case, you need to extend the domain by including three words in the name.

If you unable to come up with an available domain, you may want to consider the option of adding in hyphens. If possible, add just one and check if the name is available after adding the hyphen. If it is still unavailable, add a hyphen between each word.

Another option is to add prefixes or suffixes. The suffixes are a preferred option as you can enter the main keyword at the beginning of the domain and then add a suffix at the end of the word. You can make it plural or use short words like shop, blog, and etc.

Tips about

One final thing to keep in mind when choosing a domain name is ensuring the domain reflects the type of business and your niche. You will give your potential visitors a hint of what your website is all about before they even open your site.

Remember that simplicity is crucial. When looking for an available domain name, stick to simplicity! With a simple domain, everyone will remember the name of your website.

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