Domain Availability: How to Find a Great Available Domain in Your Niche

Domain availability can be the first problem when it comes to establishing your web online presence! Discover how to find a great availably domain name in your niche!

Domain Availability Check

Finding an exact match domain – where the main keyword you are targeting creates a whole domain name before the domain extension is a crucial thing in getting your website ranked high in the search engines. Still, the domain availability for an exact match is not always so simple. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: Top 10 Domain Registrars that Offer the Best Services

The domain name should be short, memorable and unique. However, if you come up with a suitable domain that has already been taken, you have no other options left then to look for an alternative domain or transform the domain you first came up with.

If the exact match domain is not available – try and use prefix or suffix or insert hyphens and then check the availability again.

Domain Availability: Other Options to Consider

The domain availability becomes even more challenging when you have only one keyword in the name. Selecting a single keyword domain name with a .com, .org, or .net is difficult and in many cases impossible.

Even the two-word domain names are difficult to find, especially in the competitive market fields such as work from home or weight loss niches. In this case, you need to extend the domain by including three words in the name.

If you unable to come up with an available domain, you may want to consider the option of adding in hyphens. If possible, add just one and check if the name is available after adding the hyphen. If it is still unavailable, add a hyphen between each word.

Another option is to add prefixes or suffixes. The suffixes are a preferred option as you can enter the main keyword at the beginning of the domain and then add a suffix at the end of the word. You can make it plural or use short words like shop, blog, and etc.

Tips about

One final thing to keep in mind when choosing a domain name is ensuring the domain reflects the type of business and your niche. You will give your potential visitors a hint of what your website is all about before they even open your site.

Remember that simplicity is crucial. When looking for an available domain name, stick to simplicity! With a simple domain, everyone will remember the name of your website.

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